Sacajawea Elementary School

535 Fuller Street
Richland, WA 99354
United States

Sacajawea Elementary School

Sacajawea Elementary School is a public elemtary school that is part of the Richland School District. It is located in north Richland. 

Our Support

Sacajawea Elementary School Wireless Network Setup Volunteers

In 2003, Vit Plant employees in the Process Operations group volunteered and worked with Richland School District for five months to design, set up, test, and install a wireless network that encompassed the Sacajawea Elementary School. While most schools in the district had a dedicated computer lab at the time, Sacajawea did not. Setting up the wireless network enabled the school to create a mobile computer laboratory of sixteen laptops for students to learn on and use. 

Vit Plant employee, 2003
Vit Plant employee, 2003

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